Very Excited To See A Real Christian Running For President- Dr. Ben Carson

  • drBenCarsonIt is so neat to finally see a real Christian running for the United States President.  Most people running for office seem to scramble for a Bible to put in their hand to carry to the local church when the cameras are running.  They don’t know God so how could we expect them to have the wisdom of God to lead a nation?  There are very few that are truly followers of Jesus.  After months of observation, it is very clear to me that Dr. Ben Carson is a true follower of Jesus.  Hallelujah!  What is so appealing about him as the next US President?
  • Dr. Carson actually started with nothing.  He and his brother we’re raised by a single parent in Detroit.
  • Dr. Carson worked hard to become America’s leading neurosurgeons.
  • Dr. Carson cares about people and you can see it.
  • Dr. Carson recognizes that the political correctness or PC is just taking America down, not making us stronger.
  • Dr. Carson prays.  What that means is that when we pray for him, God can direct him as the guy can hear God’s voice
  • Dr. Carson has served on the boards of major companies such as Costco and understands business as he runs his own.
  • Dr. Carson founded and runs non-profits that help bring kids from being dependent on the government to being self sufficient.  He did it himself.

It is so refreshing to finally see a godly person, who is truly listening to God’s voice running for office.  I’ve had enough Obamas, Clintons, and Bushes.  We need to be praying and acting on getting someone who can bring America back into prosperity and fix the broken moral compass.

I’m praying for Dr. Carson.  What an exciting time!

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