Would your like a custom leather NKJV English Bible?


I get many compliments on my Bible.  I love the Word of God. It is powerful.  I actually have many Bibles and many different translations.  We mostly use the New King James Version Bible (NKJV) at Victory Word Church in English and 新改訳 or Shinkaiyaku in Japanese.  Both very good.

One reason, my Bibles are so different is that they are actually custom made.  I have a friend in Florida that will actually take a Bible, new or old, and remove the cover and recover in all sorts of different leathers.  Cowhide, calfskin, pig, goat, all sorts of leathers.  With zippers, with straps, whatever you like.  Very cool.  Below are some of my personal Bibles he has done.  All of the below Bibles are cowhide.

I have a business trip to the US coming up.  Have ordered ten Bibles with large print, in New King James Version, and thin.  I’ll bring them back to Japan for our book table as people are always asking for Bibles.

If you would like a custom made Bible, please let us know before 28 October so we can get one ordered for you.  Probably will cost you around 15,000 yen or so.  You can check out the various leather options here and see their pricing.  I’ll hand carry them back in my luggage so we can save on the shipping.  It is not cheap, but these Bibles will last you a lifetime and may be even something you can pass down in your family. If you want a custom leather Bible, please let us know here.

Will also bring back a bunch of the Bibles that are standard cover.

God is so good!

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