What About City Harvest And Pastor Kong Hee’s Conviction in Singapore?

I’ve been to Singapore many times and love the people. Lots of wonderful followers of Jesus like us there. We know City Harvest members in Singapore but we don’t know Kong Hee. Undoubtedly, it is a wonderful church. It’s a huge church. 

Sometimes when a church grows, a pastor can see it as his work instead of the Lords. From the news reports in both secular and Jesus media (such as the Wall Street Journal, the BBC and Charisma News), it seems pretty obvious what happened. Kong Hee diverted millions of dollars in church funds ($35m to be exact) to promoting his wife’s secular music career. We don’t know what he was thinking when he was doing this. Maybe he thought they deserved it or that he would return the church funds once his wife’s career took off. They did try to justify the secular music videos as ‘ministry’, which seems to show the pastor did not wake up yet. 

Everyone messes up. Yes everyone. Including pastors and ministers. When you are in sin, many times when ministers are in sin they try to rationalize or justify things. This is nothing new. King David did it with adultery until the minister Samuel called him out.  When David realized his sin, he repented and completely turned back to God. However he still had to pay the price for his sin. Sadly the child fathered in sin died and later his older son absolom rebelled against him to try to take his position as King. David had to pay the price for his sin but when his friends called him out, he was able to turn around. 

For Kong Hee, he also is going to have to pay the price for his wrong doing. Let’s pray the Holy Spirit convict his heart and the hearts of his leaders that went along with him. City Harverst is wonderful church we should support in prayer. Let’s lift them up and watch how God turns this around as the pastor repents. Unfortunately, the pastor will have to pay the price for stealing and will likely get prison time for it. 

However, just because the pastor did wrong doesn’t not mean that all the individuals of the church are off. Let’s not discount what God has done and is doing through City Harvest church in Singapore. 

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