What Should I Do When I Feel Bored, Empty, Or Without God’s Direction?

You as a human being are a beautiful design.  You are made in God’s image.  He loves you more than you can imagine.  Right now, we all live in these bodies that are currently limited. Sickness attacks, evil people steal, and many other things happen to us because we live in this imperfect world.
As long as you are on the earth in this physical body, you need to learn to overcome the various challenges.  One challenge we all have is dealing with our own thinking and emotions.  You’re a Christian and you love Jesus but there are just some times when you don’t feel like you’re there.  You feel lonely, empty or without direction but know that God has you covered.  What do you do when you feel lonely, empty or without direction.  This FaithPro.org video covers that.  You can also read the detailed post on

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