Working the Media In Tokyo


Tokyo is probably one of the most exciting cities in the world to live in.  Being a minister and a dad, I don’t get that much of a chance to be in ‘the scene’.

Monday night I went to a reception by InterFM.  It was a networking event of sorts and there were many people from the media.  It was hosted by Mike Rogers and George Williams.  Nice chance to meet people.

They had a heavy metal band play three songs.  The band was named, Electric Eel Shock.  They showed a video of the band before they played.  I saw the drummer was close to naked each shot of them playing different gigs.  So I had a feeling…

The three guys all come out with blacktee-shirts on.  The bass and the guitar players had jeans on.  The drummer comes out with a black tee-shirt and bare cheeks.  On his private area, he had a big long sock looking thing.

As expected, he was virtually naked within moments of the start.  I thought, I like to play the drums, but wouldn’t want to sit on that stool.

It was an interesting night, but I just thought how tough it is to live in this world without Jesus and try to get attention.  People do all sorts of things hoping that they’ll ‘get noticed’ or get their ‘big break’.

God has such a better plan.  It was nice to get among people and actually get to know a few folks.  I can’t say I was too comfortable there, but it certainly was an awesome opportunity to show Jesus to the Japanese.

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